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Our Mission

Here at The Giving Team, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is collaboration, creativity and compassion in action.

Our commitment is to authentically create promising opportunities for both businesses and charities to elevate their direct positive impact on their staff, their communities, their volunteers and their business visions.  

TGT's philanthropic branch aims to connect for-profit organizations/businesses with not-for- profits/charities to facilitate giving in a productive, creative and inclusive way. 

TGT also provides consulting services to meet the needs of businesses in the areas of staff development/wellbeing, digital marketing, structure & scaling and social and environmental responsibility. 

Helping Hands

Brené Brown

Daring leadership is ultimately about serving other people, not serving ourselves.

Let us give together!

What is direct impact giving

At The Giving Team we promote causes, organizations and charities that make a direct impact. Our founder, Tyler, grew up in the USA raising money for different causes but not knowing directly the impact it was making. 

Through The Giving Team, Tyler intentionally facilitates giving. This means that she is able to connect businesses and people to direct ways to give. They can see their direct contribution and impact!


If you would like to run an event within a corporate setting, within your team, with friends or with family but want to add a philanthropic spin to it - contact us here


Our Upcoming Initiatives

 Purposeful Work for a Direct Impact


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Collaboration with our Compassionate Sponsor : yogat

yogat is a Brisbane based brand specializing in Australian artwork pieces on eco-friendly yoga mats & other wellness products. 

yogat has sponsored countless Giving Team events and initiatives and has decided to take things one step further. 

yogat will be giving a portion of profits to 4 Voices, one of our compassionate causes, who provides connection, digital support, access to services and a safe space to vulnerable women in our communities (through their van!).

Planting a Tree

“Empathy is a desire to know the other person. Compassion is to act on that knowledge with positive intent.”

Dalai Lama


You are a business and....

You are ready to exceed your goals whilst maintaining strong values. We believe that actions speak louder than words.