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Our Mission

Here at The Giving Team, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is collaboration, creativity and compassion in action.

Our commitment is to create promising opportunities for both businesses and charities to elevate their positive impact on staff, communities, and volunteers while delivering on their business goals. 

Tyler, and other small businesses that have collaborated with The Giving Team, aims to connect people and small businesses with charities and causes to facilitate giving in a productive, creative and inclusive way. 

Helping Hands

Brené Brown

Daring leadership is ultimately about serving other people, not serving ourselves.

Let us give together!

What is direct impact giving

At The Giving Team we hold initiatives and events for different organisations and charities through small business sponsors. 

At The Giving Team, Tyler intentionally facilitates giving. The 'giving' could be time, skills, services or money from small businesses directly to their chosen charity/cause.  


The Giving Team does not currently have any events or initiatives running due to COVID 19. We are currently available for free consultations around fundraising, partnerships and general advice for charities and small businesses. 

Planting a Tree

“Empathy is a desire to know the other person. Compassion is to act on that knowledge with positive intent.”

Dalai Lama